domenica 10 febbraio 2013

Best of the Week - February 10, 2013

For me, this week started with an important question that emerged from the deep Internet:
"‏@StartupLJackson If you haven't been hacked by the Chinese you got to ask yourself, does the shit you're doing really even matter?"

Jokes apart, many important news regarding cybersecurity found a place on the newspaper, here is my selection...

hope you enjoy it!

FireEye ‏@FireEye discovers a longstanding advanced persistent threat campaign targeting U.S. aerospace & defense industry:

Armando Leotta ‏@ArMyZ The Best Free Ways to Send Encrypted Email and Secure Messages

#Bit9 Admits Systems #Breach, Stolen Code-Signing Certificates #Infosec

Nicolas Brulez ‏@nicolasbrulez MT @DarkReading: Researcher shows how the infamous cyberespionage families Flame & Duqu can be repurposed  #SAS2013

NIST is requesting comments on the draft of Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems SP800-53 Rev4

Fed confirms but downplays #Anonymous Super Bowl banker hack - #US Federal Reserve #hacked during Super Bowl

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