domenica 28 ottobre 2012

Best of the Week - 28 Ottobre 2012

Here we are for another post of the "Best of the Week" series in which you will find the most interesting security news and security resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it!

SCMagazine ‏@SCMagazine Never too late to learn a little about clickjacking w/ @jeremiahg of @whitehatsec. |

CoreSecurity ‏@CoreSecurity Ready for a data #breach? How to develop a response plan. Incl. link with top breaches in '12 via @networkworld

Doug Munro ‏@DoDRecruiterDC The Challenge of Protecting Critical Infrastructure against Cyber-Attacks  #cybersecurity via @SmartGridCurato

CcureIT ‏@CcureIT The anatomy of cyber security exercises

Sandro Süffert ‏@suffert Microsoft: Cyber-Threats in the European Union: First Half 2012
... and
Trend Micro’s Q3 threat report: Mobile malware surged from 30K to 175K

Tuomo Makkonen ‏@tmakkonen An Analysis of Android SSL (In)Security (pdf):

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