domenica 2 settembre 2012

Best of the Week - 2 Settembre 2012

Last week I'm travelling back to my home and I wasn't able to publish my usual post so this week I'll post some of the articles of the last week in addition to the new ones.

Hope you enjoy it.

MikkoHypponen.exe ‏@mikko "Our trojan does not work on Russian systems, if found Russian or Ukrainian keyboard, the software will fail"  #Citadel

FireEye ‏@FireEye Download the FireEye Advanced Threat Report for a complete picture of today’s advanced threat landscape.

/r/netsec ‏@r_netsec Cracking Over 122 Million SHA1 and MD5 Hashed Passwords -

Sucuri ‏@sucuri_security The Password Dilemma – Unique and Complex Is The Key

Marco Thorbruegge ‏@mthorbruegge ENISA General Report 2011

CcureIT ‏@CcureIT NIST Offers Guidelines for Securing BIOS   

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