domenica 29 luglio 2012

Best of the Week - Security tools edition

This week I chose to focus my post on security tools so, here you can find a selection of interesting and useful tools regarding: AET, incident response, botnet, app scanners, nmap, pwd cracking, and three different security scanners.

Hope you enjoy it.

Antievasion ‏@Anti_Evasion Stonesoft Releases Evader – World's First Advanced Evasion Technique Testing Software For Free: #cybersec #infosec

Stonesoft ‏@Hack_the_Lab VIDEO: How to use Evader-The World's 1st #AET Test-tool: #Stonesoft #Security #Infosec #BlackHat #CyberCrime

mls ‏@CaptnPain Kick Ass: RT @_saadk: The word is out. #Google Rapid Response (GRR) #DFIRSummit work-in-progress #DFIR project

Limor S Kessem ‏@iCyberFighter Want to see what happens to your infrastructure under a DDoS attack? Check out BoNeSi--The DDoS Botnet Simulator

Stefano Fratepietro ‏@stevedeft Top 10: The Web Application Vulnerability Scanners Benchmark, 2012 Commercial & Open Source Scanners

Fabio Pietrosanti ‏@fpietrosanti Scan for FinFisher Government Trojan C&C Servers with Nmap

☛ The Hacker News™ ‏@TheHackersNews

d3v1l ‏@securityshell @Owasp Xelenium - XSS Scanner

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