domenica 22 luglio 2012

Best of the Week - 22 luglio 2012

In this post of the "Best of the Week" series I report some pieces of information regarding: incident response, cloud security, OpenDNS and ISO27001.

Hope you enjoy it!

Team Cymru ‏@teamcymru Have you heard about the Team Cymru CSIRT Assistance Program. If not see

Stefano Fratepietro ‏@stevedeft The DDoS attack survival guide

d3v1l ‏@securityshell Are You Prepared for Certificate Authority Breaches?

Rafal Los ‏@Wh1t3Rabbit The *full* (and lengthy, sorry) analysis of the recently released FFIEC guidance on #cloud computing - is posted.

Sam Bowne ‏@sambowne OpenDNS Calling all elite security experts: Apply to be among the first malware domain taggers via @OpenDNS

N. Groeneveld ‏@nigroeneveld ISO 27001/27002 Information Security Certification Materials #cybersecurity #infosec

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