domenica 15 luglio 2012

Best of the Week - 15 luglio 2012

This week, my "Best of the Week" post covers the following subjects: evolution in crimeware, Dark Web, consequences of databreaches, financial malware and frauds.

Hope you enjoy it!

@HPSecure Crimeware Developers Shift To More Obfuscation, Jave Exploits  ‪#blackhat‬

Janne Ahlberg ‏@JanneFI Weapons, drugs and hitmen a click away on the Dark Web

Neira Jones ‏@neirajones#ICO fines St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust £60K for sending patient’s medical details to the wrong person #databreach
Nicolas Krassas ‏@Dinosn Oil Giants Shell, BP and others hacked and data leaked by @le4ky

briankrebs ‏@briankrebs At last, sensible, timely advice. EU to Banks: Assume All PCs Are Infected

Tuomo Makkonen ‏@tmakkonen Measuring the cost of cybercrime (pdf):

CcureIT ‏@CcureIT Australian consumer data sold to financial fraudsters: ACC report

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