domenica 1 luglio 2012

Best of the Week - 1 luglio 2012

Here is my list of the best security resources of this week. This week the subjects are: malware, phishing, UPnP, Facebook, incident response and... football!

Hope you enjoy it!

Contagio - malware dump: Medre.A AutoCAD worm samples

Mieke Verburgh ‏@miekiemoes Phishy Phishy Phish:

John Matherly ‏@achillean To learn more about UPnP and how it works, check out this defcon 19 presentation on UPnP mapping:
EFF ‏@EFF Facebook's reporting guide, explaining what happens when a user reports content, is a step in the right direction
Stefan Frei ‏@stefan_frei Spend less in anticipation of cybercrime (on antivirus, firewalls, etc.) and more in response, paper concludes

CcureIT ‏@CcureIT McAfee Names Most Dangerous Football Team in Europe

and now, just before the end... a little bit of fun!!

Fabio Assolini ‏@assolini World's hardest sudoku: can you crack it? (via @TelegraphSci

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