domenica 24 giugno 2012

Best of the Week - 24 giugno 2012

This time, for my "Best of the Week" post, I have picked news about: data breach, a new proposal on DNS, anthropology and hackers, government malware, botnet and, finally, GPS jammers.

Hope you enjoy it!

RSA Conference ‏@RSAConference RT @darkreading 6 biggest database breaches so far in 2012:

Andy Steingruebl ‏@asteingruebl Excellent analysis by Andrew Sullivan. "A Closer Look at the AIP Internet Draft Proposal" -

Web Security News ‏@WebSecurityNews
Gabriella Coleman: Helping Hackers Infiltrate Academia - Fast Company

Xylitol ‏@Xylit0l BlackShades in Syria | Malwarebytes Unpacked #malwarebytes

Sean Sullivan ‏@FSLabsAdvisor The way they spread?? Wherein Bruce Schneier fails to understand basic economics. Commodity vs. specialty good/service:

Marco Thorbruegge ‏@mthorbruegge Botnet Metrics & Calibration

Stefan Frei ‏@stefan_frei Illegal GPS Jammers Are Widespread, Study Finds

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