domenica 20 maggio 2012

Best of the Week -20 maggio 2012

As always, during this week I gathered on Twitter the security news items that I considered interesting, then this morning I evaluated them and picked the best (for me). So, here's my new list of the best security resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it!

‏‏@mthorbruegge ICS-CERT: Risk Management for the Electricity Sector

@markrussinovich DOD report to Congress on China: cyberops "disruptive not only in a conflict, could be very disruptive to the US"

@GarWarner Lessons from the First Cyber Cops - Shawn Henry, Steve Chabinsky, and Chris Painter --

@gianlucaSB Surprise, spam amount is rising again (via @hfuhs)

@whitehatsec Great article from @jodywestby on how Boards view (or in this case don't view) their cybersecurity. Check it out here:

‏@marcomorana Failing cookie tracking user consent for non essential cookies might cost companies up to £ 500,000 fine under UK law

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