domenica 15 aprile 2012

Best of the Week - 15 aprile 2012

Here's my list of the best security resources of this week.

Hope you enjoy it.

@TrendLabs European internet users have been plagued by "Police Trojans" that lock their computer until they pay a fine

@sicert Ransomcrypt infecting users in .si. Uses 8-byte xor to encrypt files and demands 50 € payment. Several versions, different keys.

@InfosecIsland Megaupload Goes to Court: A Primer - Does the government have a responsibility to protect innocent third parties from...

@securityshell Drive-by downloads: exploiting cross-site scripting vulnerabilities

@gianlucaSB "spam is what our users say it is" ~ insights on gmail's antispam techniques

@IreneKoehler Apple issues Trojan removal tool #mac #security

@ilis Great lectures on information security by @mikko and @schneierblog at @rsaconference 2012

@marcomorana Great lecture on malware threats & countermeasures

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