domenica 25 marzo 2012

Best of the week - 25 marzo 2012

This week, besides the security articles, many security reports have been published. My selection of the best security resources of the week has some indications to help you to find the most relevant for your interests.

Hope you enjoy it.

@teamcymru Key highlights in the IBM X-Force 2011 Trend & Risk Report

@Wh1t3Rabbit Are you ready for the real #InfoSec threats? Looking beyond script kiddies to the 'determined attacker' (whitepaper)

@ericfreyss Online Trust Alliance (OTA) - BOTNETS - Code de conduite des FAI US contre les botnets (in english)

@MicrosoftDCU More from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing on U.S. ISPs committment to help protect consumers from #botnets

@radware Amazing look inside how the $70M Trident Breach was conducted, and eventually stopped: #infosec #hacker

@CND_Ltd Cybercops traced Toulouse massacre suspect through IP address via @regvulture

@Cyberwarzonecom Hacker 0xOmar leaks Secret data from Virtual Israeli Air Force Schools #infosec #israel #0xOmar #hacking #leaked #fbi

domenica 18 marzo 2012

Best of the week - 18 marzo 2012

Another week has gone and worries about the exploiting of the MS12-020 have had a great impact on public opinion but many other interesting things have also happened.

Here you can find my selection of the best security articles of this week.

Hope you enjoy it!

@ryanaraine Microsoft confirms MAPP proof-of-concept exploit code leak

@e_kaspersky: 'Fileless' attacks are back. Malware uses Java exploit and leaves no traces on infected PCs

@kaepora Canadian police wants to add a spying tax to phone bills to pay for warrantless wiretapping (not kidding):

@TrendLabs “Deconstructing the Breach,” primarily covered how cybercriminals use the cloud as a means to their desired end #RSA

@SecurityTube [Video] Defcon 19 - How Our Browsing History Is Leaking into the Cloud by Securitytube_Poster

@neirajones Keeping Compliance Costs Down With Data Classification -- @DarkReading #assetregister #risk #infosec #compliance

@FSecure Acts of war in cyberspace will likely also be war crimes, says researcher

domenica 11 marzo 2012

Best of the week - 11 marzo 2012

Here's my new list of the best security articles of the week.

Hope you enjoy it!

@ProfWoodward How to use you iPad securely:…

@sansforensics Incident Response Toolsets and Checklists - A few months ago I was reading this Digital Forensics Case Leads: ReF...

@SecurityWeek SCADA Mischief Episode 2: Context and Correlation #SCADA #ICS #cybersecurity

@APWG Video report on Stuxnet and "the new era of warfare"

@Xylit0l XyliBox: POS Carding… #Carding

@McAfeeNews McAfee Report Exposes Contradictions in Security Perception vs. Reality:

@ebcovert3 "NIST SP 800-61 Revision 1: Computer Security Incident Handling Guide" ( )

domenica 4 marzo 2012

Best of the week - 4 marzo 2012

This has been a very interesting week for security, with the RSA Conference. And, as every Sunday morning, I'm publishing my list of the best security articles  and resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it.

PS Since in this period I'm very busy, I can't write all the posts I would, but I hope to return to the normality as soon as possible, being able to publish at least two posts a week to treat all the subjects that I consider important.

@InfosecurityMag RSA 2012: Schneier on why Anonymous is not a group and why they’re certainly not as good as you think they are

@DamballaInc #Malware authors expand use of domain generation algorithms - #RSAC

@mthorbruegge FIRST Best Practice Guide Library (BPGL) < a reminder of a great source of #itsec knowledge via @teamcymru

@ArMyZ The 2011 Radware Global Application & Network #Security Report on global cyber security worldwide.…

@CIRANEWS Looking for some weekend reading? How about the 2012 .CA Factbook, all about the Internet for Cdns:

@agentFin A Postmortem on the security failure of the Galactic Empire under an APT attack by/ @kellman #BSidesSF #sketchnotes