domenica 5 febbraio 2012

Best of the week - 5 febbraio 2012

Italy is frozen, in Rome the snow lays thick on the ground... but bad guys are relentless so, we need to stay informed.

Which are the best security news of the week? Here you can find my answer.

Hope you enjoy it!

@candolin2 FAQ about the VeriSign data breaches | Computerworld New Zealand… via @computerworldnz #verisign

@CiscoGGSG VeriSign hack: Reactions from the security community

@ProfWoodward  New computer incident handling guidelines drafted for comment by NIST in the US:… See what you think.

@metalabasia Rare interview with Gulshan Rai, head of CERT-In… via @livemint #india #malware

@CERTXMCO [Blog XMCO] La cybercriminalité made in France -->…

@cuoretoro US spy agencies look to cloud computing

This week, the last report is not a news but a very interesting initiative. A good friend, "Francesco Armando", has collected a lot of blogs devoted to security and created a page named "The security (B)log list", in which he put together all the links. Since I think this initiative could be of some help to have a complete view on the security scenario, if you like it, please, spread the link.

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