domenica 19 febbraio 2012

Best of the week - 19 febbraio 2012

Here we are with another best of the week post. My list of the best security articles of this week.

Hope you enjoy it!

 @teamcymru interview with TeaMp0isoN's "TriCk". Seriously, you ought to read this one...

@jeremiahg If you're into Advanced (Oracle) SQL Injection, this post is required reading: <@WhiteHatSec TRC hard at work

@ProfWoodward My feature piece this week on BBC:… Many thanks to @neirajones for her comments - much appreciated.

@assolini Have you uninstalled Java yet? Here are 14 new reasons...

@mbenlakhoua RT @sectechno: The Secunia Yearly Report 2011 Released #security #infosec

@elie Attacking the Phishers: An Autopsy on Compromised Phishing Websites - #security #infosec

And now, just to end this post with some humour... two gems coming from the net:

@KevinScanlan "Rupert Murdoch is said to be deeply touched by the messages from family and friends left on whitney houston's phone."

@mikko Email spammers resort to extreme measures in order to bypass spam filters: /screenshot by @ossij

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