domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Best of the week - 12 febbraio 2012

Here in Rome, snow came for the second time in a week. A big branch fell on the telephone line near my house so today I am completely isolated.

There's only one solution... publish my list of the best security articles of the week, being away.

Hope you enjoy it!

@candolin2 Social Media to Be Included in 2012 Cyber Exercise - SIGNAL Magazine #cyber #exercise

@websense Attackers using fake google analytics code to redirect users to black hole exploit kit @threatpost

@jeremiahg "Creating Backdoors Using SQL Injection" < pen-testers should like this one.

@metalabasia Can Hackers Destroy The Internet? - Forbes

@arstechnica A Valentine's Day present for SCADA companies: new exploit tools:… by @thepacketrat

@e_kaspersky Comodo, Diginotar, Verisign, now Trustwave. The debates around trust in digital certificates heats up by @k_sec

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