domenica 1 gennaio 2012

Best of the week - New Year Edition

Well, a new year has come and, starting from today, we will be able to verify all the security prediction made these days.

Meanwhile, here you can find the best security resources of the last week of the year.

Hope you enjoy it.

Happy new year to all of you!!

@QatarCERT: Q-CERT Weekly Newsletter,01 January,2012 -

@Security_FAQs Why Is Sand Boxing A Most Wanted Security Feature?

@dimitribest Know the story about Stuxnet? For sure you didn't. This is the new story with the new malware platform “Tilded”

@suffert Ideas about China’s Cyber Command - Council on Foreign Relations - (cc: @taosecurity @jeffreycarr)

@hdmoore RT @effffn: are you also missing 28c3? watch the talks online

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