domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Best of the week - 22 gennaio 2012

A new week is just around the corner and a lot of security news are ready to be published, but which are the best security news of this week? Here you can find the answer!

Hope you enjoy it.

@RealSecurity Anonymous Changes DDoS Tactics in Megaupload Retaliation via @threatpost #security

@assolini Brazilian cybercriminals’ daily earnings – more than you’ll ever earn in a year! | Securelist (by @dimitribest)

@InfosecNewsBot 74% believe mobile devices increase security incidents: The number of personal mobile devices connectin... #infosec

@metalabasia Brian White, managing director of the Chertoff Group, Discusses Cyber Attack Against Amazon's Zappos…

@mikko Sophos blogs about phishing sites hosted on Google Docs:… Our take on this, from last May:…

@SecureEB #security Mourad: Google services for Handling and Cleaning Infected Websites #infosec

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