domenica 15 gennaio 2012

Best of the week - 15 gennaio 2012

This week I found a lot of interesting readings and here is the list of the best security resources.

Hope you enjoy it.

@eEye RT @hugsec: Trends in Security #InfoSec #security #vulnerability

@CND_Ltd Microsoft Readying Real Time Hosted Threat Intelligence Feed via @threatpost

@dsancho66 Why Internet crime goes unpunished:

@RonGula Very cool youtube video from Stratfor CEO about their recent attacks and compromises :

@DrInfoSec A Practical Guide to Implementing SEC Guidance on Disclosure of Cybersecurity Risks… [PDF is worth the quick read]

@suffert 4TB+ of rainbowtables to download <= Distributed Rainbow Tables Project.. - (4TB??? It's a huge amount of data!!!!)

@e_kaspersky There is no winning party in #cyberwarfare. It's a boomerang as much as nuclear weapons. Great reading:

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