domenica 6 novembre 2011

Best of the Week - 6 Novembre 2011

Here's my selection of the best security resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it!

@mikko A collection of whitepapers and presentations on Russian cybercrime and online attacks 2000-2010:

@ArMyZ Read, keep and save it -The Immutable Laws of Security

@cyberwar Interesting if corroborated.Cyber attack on key Nuclear facility in Mysore?…

@mikko F-Secure's Questions & Answers on Duqu:

@stiennon There is no cyber war the same way there is no nuclear war - Forbes

@DrInfoSec E&Y: "An executive should know their CISO well and be in constant contact."… <- QOTD!!!

@danchodanchev "Soon we will be facing cyber terrorism" not at all, as cyber jihad is currently threat number one

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