domenica 20 novembre 2011

Best of the Week - 20 novembre 2011

This week, many worrying details were published about water utilities and chemical industries as targets of sofisticated cyber attacks. I have selected the most interesting security articles of the week and now, as every weekend, I'm presenting you my "Best of the Week".

Hope you enjoy it.

@Cephurs RT@CNETNews: Hacker "pr0f" hacked into Houston water plant to demonstrate utility vulnerability to cyberattack

@sambowne Second water utility reportedly hit by hack attack

@CompuSecure Hackers attack Norway's oil, gas and defence businesses

@peterkruse More on the "Fawkes" virus. A video on Youtube (just uploaded) claims that Anonymous have unleased Fawkes on Facebook,…

@ryanaraine Our Duqu FAQ has been updated with information on multiple easter eggs in the malware code…

@mikko Hackers hacking hackers. German carder forums featured in e-zine "Owned and Exposed": #CC

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