domenica 11 settembre 2011

Best of the Week - 11 settembre 2011

Today it's a very special day, it's the tenth anniversary of the 9/11. My thoughts are for that tragedy and for all the people that lost their lives that day. I have been struck by a comment on the New York Times: "The #1 lesson was that our government failed; their #1 job is to protect us". 

My hope (and my work) is that this comment will never be written after a cyber attack. 

It's now the time to list the best security resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it.

@suffert Did The September 11th Attacks Blind Us To A Digital Pearl Harbor? < good piece by @threatpost

@teamcymru UK newspaper interview with Turkish Turkguvenligi high profile DNS #hackers

@danchodanchev Reading: Hacktivism: a Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of China’s Cyber Warriors - [pdf] #cyberwar #China

@nigroeneveld Cybercrime Attribution: An Eastern European Case Study Russian Hacking News #hacking #russia

@paulsparrows The latest cyberattacks reinforce the need to adopt #DNSSEC #Infosec #Security

@cyberwar Ross Anderson on UK cyber spend. Too much offense, not enough defense.

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