domenica 14 agosto 2011

Best of the week - 14 agosto 2011

It's August and it's time for vacation... but for me a Sunday is not a Sunday  without my listing of the best security resources of the week.

Hope you enjoy it.

@0xcharlie One of my kids not practicing good password security. Like father like son.

@nigroeneveld NIST Computer Security Division: Special Publications SANS Information Security Reading Room Checklists and Step-by-Step Guides

@xme Don't forget your MS patches! "IE, Windows server bugs likely to be exploited soon" (source:

@suffert Man-In-The-Middle Attacks < great overview..

@pauldotcom Top 10 Things I Learned at #Blackhat 2011 #Defcon 19 & Ten Reasons You Know You've Been In Vegas Too Long

@RonGula More Cyber-War Rhetoric from Marcus Ranum via IANS :

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