domenica 19 giugno 2011

Best of the Week - 19 Giugno 2011

After my coming back home from Brussels (I partecipated in the "First Digital Agenda Assembly" as you can read in my recent posts), I can publish the weekly listing of my favorite security resources.

Hope you enjoy it.

@zmcki001: Good article and video from @CiscoSecurity on Social Engineering.

@nigroeneveld Swiss: Defence minister ponders cyber-security

@CertSG Happy to announce the release of our 8th IRM (Incident Response Methodology)

@marcoriccardi Italian honeynet chapter report for 2010 just published

@iseclaborg Blog posting on Botmagnifier for locating Spambots: iSecLab blog:

@_x4o Syria Uses Cyber Warfare to Attack Pro-Democracy Supporters -

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