giovedì 5 maggio 2011

Best of the Week - 30 Aprile 2011

This is my listing of the best security resources of the past week.

Enjoy it

@hackernewsbot Amazon’s problem isn’t the outage, it’s the communication

@tsudo Google Account Security Best Practices [Security]

@peterkruse: Its running now. "ExploitHub is the first legitimate marketplace for validated non-zero-day exploits",

@publicintel: Swiss Authorities Investigate Money Laundering Linked to Russian Tax Fraud Scheme

@EliLake: Here is a story I wrote on the snoop malware industry it regards #Egypt and the Gamma Intl Corp.

@teamcymru: researcher Dillon Beresford claims China's domestic #cybersecurity laughable, interview

@CiscoSecurity: NSTIC and Identify Intermediaries

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