sabato 9 aprile 2011

Best of the Week - 9 Aprile 2011

Saturday morning is arrived so it's time to give you my selection of the best security articles of the week.

Here's my listing. Enjoy it.

Greetings, Matteo

@SCADAhacker Ralph Langner on Cracking Stuxnet -

@peterkruse Gangsterware presentation, (nice intro to crimekit investigations)

@danchodanchev Going through the Secunia Security Factsheets for Q1 2011 -

@TheNextWeb Toyota begins advertising on Cydia, targets members of jailbreak scene

@briankrebs Update to the Epsilon breach story: Epsilon Breach Raises Specter of Spear Phishing (includes updated victim list)

@DCITA Insider Attacks: Identify the Anomaly

@mikkohypponen Russia’s Federal Security Service is pushing for banning Skype, Gmail and Hotmail in Russia hat tip to @petterijarvinen

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