sabato 23 aprile 2011

Best of the week - 23 aprile 2011

Another week is gone and a lot of security events happened so it's time for my listing of the best security articles of the week.

Enjoy it... and have a happy Easter!

@InfosecurityMag: Cybersecurity: The Road Ahead

@arbornetworks: DDoS hacker who left his wife for a fictitious online lover jailed for two years | Naked Security

@felicianointini: RT @markrussinovich: Admiral the Lord West: al Queda cyber-terrorist threat real

@briankrebs: Threatpost has a good podcast interview with Verizon's Alex Hutton on today's breach report

@HostExploit: EU Carbon Emission Trading System Registries Return to Normal Following Security Review -

@mikkohypponen: Great first-hand account from somebody recovering from the Amazon EC2 Judgement Day outage:

And then about the iPhone tracking issue... @FrankConniff: iPhone is tracking my every move. Retrieved the data: "Couch, Refrigerator, Bathroom" over and over again.

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