sabato 12 marzo 2011

Best of the Week - 12 marzo 2011

Ecco la mia lista delle letture per il fine settimana. Spero che la troviate interessante.

Un saluto e buona lettura a tutti!

@winsec Botnet, Trojan Activity Increased in February: Trojans were the most prolific malware threat in...

@nigroeneveld Fighting botnets: Malware has 'exploded,' says security manager

@ChetWisniewski The Case of the Malicious Autostart Russinovich explains autostart troubleshooting on Windows

@danchodanchev Iran on hacktivism "We welcome the presence of hackers who are willing to work for the goals of the Islamic Republic"

@Menandmice If you have an open DNS resolver with no security, please close it. See "DNS DDos of the Day" for what can happen

@honlinenews Pwn2Own 2011: Day 2 - iPhone and Blackberry hacked

@Jipe_ Pwn2Own 2011, for the third time in a row, Google's browser remained unhacked 

Buon fine settimana.

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